Rococo Romance

Evening wear collection inspired by the Rococo Period. The soft whimsical colours are commonly used in Rococo paintings, furniture, and fashion. The silhouette of the gown resembles the fashion of that time period in a modern context. The dress was created using the finest materials such as alencon lace, silk, and crepe back satin. The preliminary design was draped then drafted from the drape to fit the model perfectly. The crinoline cage was completely hand made and bound in silk. The lace was delicately shaped around the curves of the bodice through embroidery techniques. This gown is appropriate for a high fashion event or costume purposes.



Functional Florals

The collection was inspired by the shapes of roses, rose petals and vines as well as 1930’s women’s pant suits. The digital print pattern for the silk charmeuse top was created digitally and then printed onto fabric. The pattern was created using images taken at the Botanical Gardens while seeking inspiration. The jacket is 100% wool and half lined with bias binding throughout. The high waisted drop crotch trousers take inspiration from 1930's women's pant suit silhouettes whereas the jacket silhouette was inspired by roses. This look is for the young business woman looking for statement pieces.



Pleated Plaid

Plaid dress draped completely using one piece of material for each colour. Inspired by origami folding techniques as well as an updated take on the classic school girl plaid pleated skirt. The draping process was very experimental with multiple trials to achieve the desired effect. The pleats and plaid checks blend seamlessly into the next panel before changing to the contrasting colour. The juxtaposition of colours and lengths was inspired by school uniforms and their individual styling. This look was created with a student studying during the fall aesthetic in mind.



Toronto, Canada